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Expert Demolition Services

Sometimes, to start something new, you have to do away with the old. That’s where we come in. Demolition can be necessary for various projects, and Luckhardt Landworks has the experience and equipment to clear your site of any unwanted buildings or concrete and asphalt.


Our Range of Demolition Services

Residential Demolition

If left alone and unmaintained for too long, homes often must suffer the fate of demolition. Clear unwanted structures and get ready for a new start. We’ll take care of it safely and efficiently using the right equipment controlled by experienced operators.

Commercial and Agricultural Demolition

Demolishing commercial and agricultural buildings can sometimes be a challenging feat. When multiple storeys are involved, we must take the right precautions to conduct a safe and efficient demolition without jeopardizing surrounding buildings and the environment. Despite these challenges, Luckhardt Landworks has the right tools and expertise to take on any demolition project.

Selective Demolitions

That fixer-upper you just bought might have solid bones, but not all aspects of the dwelling might be in the best shape and may be in need of removal. This is where selective demolition comes in. Whether it is a partial demolition to make way for a new addition or to remove a portion of the dwelling that has lost its integrity, Luckhardt Landworks can demolish and dispose of those structures safely and efficiently.

Material Demolition And Disposal

Concrete and asphalt, although highly durable, can deteriorate over time, creating an unsightly look as weeds infest the cracking and crumbling material. Our material disposal services include hammering, breaking and removal to give your property or job site the reset that it needs. We’ll also properly dispose of the materials through channels that are mindful of our environment.

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